About Us


          Sankofa is the African term meaning “Return and go seek it”, which was derived


The Adinkra Sankofa heart; we see a double “S” for Saxicolous. We’re clever.

from the Akan tribe. The actual representation of Sankofa is a mythical bird picking an egg from it’s back. The Adinkra symbol of the Sankofa heart can also be found on Akan jewelry, pottery, cloth, and spiritual/ritual items. Sankofa to the Akan means to learn from your mistakes, which is what we try to accomplish at our site when writing and critiquing others. It’s very important to us to learn from others and understand their point of view. Understanding one another is what brings the world closer, which is why we highly respect the Sankofa.




Currently, we are an unofficial student club at Shawnee Heights High School in Topeka, Kansas. Our goal is to discover more about culture, politics, other stuff…. basically whatever we post about. It’s more like a friend group to tell you the truth. Ignorance and hate is a big problem in our generation. Just think about it though; we’re going to be leading the world one day. We can’t have uneducated people making claims against others. It’s cruel and unjust. Well, who’s to say our site is even going to fix that problem? Teens and young adults are rarely ever interested in news. We hope to change that someday. Put those iPhones and televisions to good use and actually learn something important. Our team is a diverse one and we’ve learned more about each other than we’ve ever read in newspapers and seen on CNN. How we see things is that if a piece was written from our age at our point of view, it’s more likely people will enjoy the dumb puns and movie references we make. I mean—not to brag or anything—but no professional publisher or newscast could ever dream of entertaining a person of our own age the way will.